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amrita rao height

amrita rao height
Actress Amrita Rao was reminded of the song Bambai Se Gayi Puna...Dilli Se Gayi Patna...Phir Bhi Na Mila Sajna, literally when she travelled over half of India to perform at a concert in Patna, recently.

"We boarded the flight at 8 in the morning and after sitting in the plane for nearly an hour, we were told to disembark and board another flight. So finally we reached Delhi. Whan pe bhi there was some problem, so we had to take a flight to Patna via Udaipur. Finally we reached Patna at 8 in the night only to be told that the concert I was supposed to perform in had been cancelled due to cyclone Phailin. So imagine, we crossed nearly half of India only to have dinner in Patna. It was funny but also very tiring," said Amrita.

"I never imagined Patna was so aware of me that there would be a cyclone warning issued there before my arrival! I didn't know I would bring Patna on high alert!" she added.

Currently dubbing for Sunny Deol's Singh Sahab The Great in which she plays a news reporter, Amrita says she is having a great time. "Playing this character I have realised it's so tough for journalists. They really slog it it out. They are on their toes and alert all the time. Hats off to the girls who get into this profession," she says.

And so inspired is she by her co-star Sunny Deol's action scenes that Amrita says she is tempted to do some herself. "I would love to try out some action myself someday. I hope I get to beat up the bad guys," says she.

Tell her that apart from Satyagrah, she has not been seen in too many films these days and Amrita immediately defends herself. "I have been signing films but somehow their release got delayed. I signed two films in 2010 then in 2011 I had Love U...Mr. Kalakaar!, 2012 Jolly LLB released and in 2013 I have had Satyagrah. So, it's not as if I am not signing or acting in films. It's just that a few projects got delayed. In fact last year I had signed and committed for two films but both got shelved and because of that I lost out on great films like Well Done Abba!" says she.

"But this kind of thing happens with everyone, not just me. It's fate I guess. But I have good projects now that I am working on and will be seen on screen more."

amrita rao height

But what is it that makes her be so choosy about her roles, we wonder. Although her look and performances have been appreciated in film like Vivaah, Welcome To Sajjanpur and even Main Hoon Na, Amrita has not been able to cash in on the popularity of these films.

"Yes, I agree and that's because I am very particular about the roles that I choose. I have certain comfort demarcations. I would like to explore and be as creative as can be within that limit. It's difficult for me to measure or say yes, this is the limit and even define it completely, but just to be more clear, I can't expose just for the heck of it. I have to feel comfortable doing it. I will never say never, but as far as possible no kissing and love making scenes for me," says Amrita.
Adding further she says, "I go by my instinct when I accept roles. The roles that I do, when I see them down the years, I should feel proud of them. I shouldn't feel awkward seeing myself on screen when my children or my family sees them. I won't do anything because someone else is doing it. It may work for them, it doesn't work for me. In that if I lose out on a few roles, it's okay. At least I haven't compromised with the values instilled by my parents in me," says she emphatically.

"And I have always maintained that it's very easy to debut in our film industry but very difficult to sustain. We have so many new faces being launched with each film. There's always a new flavour of the month or film and so much hype surrounding that new comer. But what after that dream debut? There's cut-throat competition. And in that one has to maintain that individuality and be recognised for what they are and not be just another face in the crowd. I am fortunate that I have been able to do that. I have an identity of my own and hold my presence in the audience."

While she was doing Satyagrah, there were apprehensions that she may not feel comfortable working with Kareena Kapoor since Amrita had been blamed for Kareena and Shahid Kapoor's split. Mention that and Amrita laughs. "It was the most ridiculous rumour. Why should I be uncomfortable facing Kareena or Shahid when I know that it was all rubbish this talk of me being responsible for their split. Kareena and I got along very well during Satyagrah shooting and we still do. Even when this rumour was floating around, I had maintained a silence, refusing to justify myself to anybody. I had waited for the truth to emerge and eventually it did. So if anyone, people who started this rumour should feel awkward in looking me in the eye. In fact, Shahid and I are good friends. We don't laugh about the thing since it was a painful part of Shahid's life, but we don't discuss it either. We won't let any such stupid talk come in way of our friendship."

Talk of friendship and we ask Amrita if she has any 3 am friend in the industry. "Not really. There is no one I am so close to but yes the family that I have loads of respect for is the Barjatyas. They are like my family and I have immense respect for Soorajji. It's so good, I don't have to keep up the formality of keeping in touch with them regularly, yet when ever we meet it's so beautiful. The second person I am really close to in the industry is Farah Khan. I love her and know that she will be there for me when ever I need her just like Soorajji."
So does that mean that Amrita will be Sooraj Barjatya's heroine in his next film with Salman Khan? "I don't know. I haven't been offered the film yet. Right now I am just eager that he makes a film soon - whether or not I am in it."  

amrita rao height
amrita rao height

amrita rao height

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